Plebiscite 2004: An Experiment in Radical Republicanism

Citizens of the World, Vote for United States President!


Plebiscite 2004 is a project designed to open up a public dialogue on the nature and boundaries of democracy. It is being created by artist Peter Walsh and a group of dedicated volunteers. But projects like this DO cost real money and this project is currently running in the red.

Donations are not being accepted. Instead, Peter Walsh will create five limited edition series of fine art prints made from the documentation of the project. The prints will be produced and shipped following the completion of the project on November 2nd.

Please consider contributing to Plebiscite2004 by pre-ordering a print now! You'll be able to help a worthy project AND receive a work of art in return.

The price listed includes shipping and handling and, if you live in New York State, the appropriate sales tax. The print will be shipped unframed.

Thanks for your help!

    Plebiscite2004 - Print 1:   $30.00


    Plebiscite2004 - Print 2:   $50.00


    Plebiscite2004 - Print 3: $100.00


    Plebiscite2004 - Print 4: $250.00


    Plebiscite2004 - Print 5: $500.00


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